Michelle, My First Coding Summer Camp Story

My name is Michelle, I am a girl, I am eleven (11) year old. I live Ijebu-Imusin. I school in Ijebu-Ode. I want to talk about this summer camp. The name of this summer camp is teenagers coding summer camp. It was created by Mary Job. I think she is between the age grade of […]

Adebimpe, My First Coding Summer Camp Experience

I am Adebimpe, an SS student in a Catholic school in Ijebu-Ode. I school and live with my parents at Ijebu ode. My first coding camp experience was a wow and i’m so glad that I have this wonderful opportunity to share with everyone my experience. On the first day I learnt what a computer […]

Saydat, My Experience During the Coding Camp

I am Saidat, an SS student of a Catholic secondary school in Ijebu-Ode. I live with my parents in Ijebu-Ode as well. After my third term examination in July, I was thinking of resuming for our normal holiday summer coaching lesson at school, not until my cousin changed that. On a windy evening my dad sent […]

Prisca, My Summer Class Experiences

MY FIRST CODING SUMMER CAMP It was a very beautiful day on Wednesday 14th august 2019, a journey I was not prepared for. My mum told my brother he was going for a coding summer camp and I wanted to go with him. We were going to Ogun State and I had never been to […]

Susan, My First Summer Coding Camp

I am Susanna, I am 14 years old, I live and school at Ijebu Imusin. Websites, applications and coding as a whole as always seem like magic to me because my Aunty is into it, but not until I signed up for this camp that I understood what they are, this has totally changed my […]

Campbell, My first Summer Camp Experience

My name is Campbell. I am (12) years old, I am a boy. I am writing an essay about my first coding summer camp which was very successful and it took place in Ijebu Imusin. I live at Ibadan. It was on the 14th of august when my mummy told me of this summer camp, […]

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