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Opeyemi, Wow! OMG! My First Story

My name is Opeyemi. I am SS student in a Catholic school in Lagos. I came to visit my Aunt in this town, and got introduced to the hub through my Sisters’ friend’s father. Although I started the coding camp the day after the official close, I still know that I grabbed a lot from it.

Over here, we were engaged in games and activities that would build our knowledge and act as a journey into the amazing world of coding on a computer. For me to think I would ever learn this much in two days was seemingly a joke, but now, I know it is all about focus and determination, and more especially, listening to every instruction.

I give my special thanks to Ms Mary and Mr. Dotun who helped me to learn a lot about coding in just a span of two days.

My interests lies a lot in animation because I love to draw. I would also like to thank Mr. Ayomide who walked me through the basics, what tools I need, what to consider when animating, the difference between 2D and 3D and when they are needed. And this he did on a very short notice from Ms Mary.

Ultimately, may God bless this coding camp.

4 replies on “Opeyemi, Wow! OMG! My First Story”

Awesome Opeyemi,
I’m glad you found Uwani Hub Summer camp – better late than never.
The field of animation is a huge one to get into, and I am confident that your passion for drawing will get you very far.
Thank you Mr. Ayomide for your time and support.
Well done!

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