Welcome to Uwani Hub Class Blog.

This blog was created by Uwani Hub for all individuals, young and old, especially females who have passed through our coding and digital skills workshops, summer camps, training, and masterclasses.

While they may not all be able to maintain a blog of their own at the moment, we are encouraging them to tell their stories here.

Everyone has a story and we each have something we can learn from one another. We want to listen!

and support where we can!

Our first coding summer camp was inspired by Mary and it was a success, thanks to sponsors and instructors

Same goes for our first Tech Lady Bootcamp 2019, Mary did a fundraiser for her birthday to make this happen, thanks to all who sponsored this event and took the classes.

Mary, Creator; Uwani Hub

Our monthly classes scheduled to begin again from our summer camp this August, afterwards, the Hub will be open to teens from the neighborhood from September 20th 2021, adequate covid guidelines will be followed. All teens must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian on their first day!

If you would like to contribute to making the next camp happen, kindly click here to support us or use our paystack donation tool to make a difference! We also appreciate equipment support and course subscriptions. We still have our sights set on the Google Expedition Kit and Makerspaces Kits. we will keep putting in our best to achieving our goals of making an impact.

27 replies on “Welcome to Uwani Hub Class Blog.”

Great job guys. Sky is your beginning. Coding is the next stuff in the world. Coding is everything, everything’s coding.

Hi Kids,
I believe you’ve had a great time learning the basics of coding. I believe you are going to make the most of the skills and opportunities you’ve acquired.
I’m also sure you will find ways of making things that will make us proud in future.
I want you to know that there’s no time like the present. Keep your fingers on that keyboard till you make it. Don’t wait till life passes you.

God bless you all.

Congratulations on your uncommon opportunity to start early to enter the coding world.
The world is now a global village. Keep on keeping on. Well done for the efforts put in already.

Thank you for all support Emeka. Please no one should eat Elephants o, they are beautiful and majestic creatures. I know its just an adage but I am pleading to anyone who plans to eat an Elephant, DON’T!

Well done Mary!
This dream came true through sheer determination to overcome all odds, irrespective of the climate and conditions. Good work!
Well done to the students – you have the rare chance to start your IT journey at this tender age. Don’t waste it.
Don’t relax after camp either. Keep practicing and I can assure you that you will see more opportunities unfold before your very eyes.

Congratulations on working hard and being successful at learning something new. The world looks forward to seeing what you contribute in the future.

Wow! Congratulations, Kids, on learning how to code. Welcome to the exciting world of computers.

These are wonderful works to empower African youth, teens and young adults to be the future digital leaders.
This will empower many youth to see new careers in technology that was not available before. Keep up the
leadership, inspiration and engagement of how powerful education is and the value of digital learning.
We provide the WPJax Kids Meetup online in Jacksonville, Florida and is held the 3rd Tuesday of each month
at 5pm. Everyone is invited to see how we hold our meetup for kids and can participate.

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